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Our Planning Overview

Summer Medium Term plans

Summer 1 2020

Summer 2 2020

Summer Term 2

Active June – Try each of these activities with people you’re with!

active-june-full-colour (2)


Virtual Olympics Week 5

POW Virtual Summer Olympics_pupil presentation

POW Summer Olympics pupil results card

Virtual Summer Olympics Pupil Events


All About Me Booklet

All About Me!

Week 7 Weekly Phonics Plan

Phonics-week-13-16 July


Lesson Plan Wednesday 15th July




Lesson Plan Tuesday 14th July



Lesson Plan Monday 13th July


Week 6 Weekly Phonics Plan



Friday 10th July Daily Plan



Thursday 9th July Daily Plan



Wednesday 8th July Daily Plan



Tuesday 7th July Daily Plan



Monday 6th July Daily Plan


Week 5 Weekly Phonics Plan


Week 5


Friday Daily Plan 03.07.2020

Monday – Friday ‘Action words’

Friday sports sentences

Near-and-far-away chart Friday

Near-and-far-away-cutting-and-sticking Friday



Thursday Daily Plan 02.7.2020

I am yoga phrases Thursday



Wednesday Daily Plan 01.7.2020

Tuesday and Wednesday action cards for writing

Maths – How many feet Wednesday

Yoga poses cards




Tuesday Daily Plan 30.06.2020

How tall is your toy Tuesday

Tuesday and Wednesday action cards for writing

Yoga poses cards



Monday Daily Plan 29.06.2020

Monday – Friday ‘Action words’

Length Mastery Challenge Monday

Week 4 – Phonics weekly plan

Phonics-week-22-26th June

Week 4

Max’s-Jungle talk for writing booklet for the week 



Friday Daily Plan 26th June

Travel in Enfield- Then and Now- Friday



Thursday Daily Plan 25th June

Thursday Maths clock face

Ttransport-old-and-new- Thursday




Wednesday Daily Plan 24th June

Wednesday Maths Measuring time in simple ways challenges

Household items-Then and Now- Wednesday




Tuesday Daily Plan 23rd June

Tuesday Maths Daily Timetable PDF

Toys from the Past- Tuesday



Monday Daily Plan 22nd June


Week 3 – Phonics weekly plan

Phonics Week-15th-19th June

Week 3

Optional Father’s Day Activities (Print, use a guide or design and make your own!)

Fathers Day Shirt And Tie Card

5 Things I Love About Dad Fathers Day Card Template

Football biscuits


Fathers Day Card Template (Colouring)

Fathers Day Wordsearch Card


Friday 19.06.2020 daily plan 

Friday Word Problems Subtract Two Single-Digit Numbers



Thursday 18.06.2020 daily plan

Thursday Word Problems – Add Two Single-Digit Numbers


Wednesday 17.06.2020  daily plan 

Remote Controls PDF- Wednesday

Wednesday Challenge – Finds One More or One Less Than



Tuesday daily plan 

In the woods I see…PDF 


Monday daily plan

Farm Instructions PDF- Monday

Buddy-the-dogs-internet-safety-story PDF

Farm PDF- Monday

Monday – Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20

Maths resources for week 3

Daily Number-Cards-0-20

Daily Number-Formation-Tracing-Strips-0-20

Week 2

Weekly phonics plan

Phonics for the Week 8th – 12th June

Friday 12.06.2020

Friday daily plan 12.6.2020

Maths Solving Problems Doubling Home Learning Challenges- Friday



Thursday 11.06.2020

Thursday daily plan 11.6.2020


Wednesday 10.06.2020

Wednesday daily plan 10.6.20

finger-counting-doubles-PDF- Wednesday


Tuesday 9.06.2020 

Tuesday daily plan



Monday 8. 06.2020 – daily plan 


Submarine sights – Monday




Week 1

Art Week – Battle of San Romano painting

Battle of San Romano PDF


Phonics for the week (1st June-5th June)

Phonics for the Week 1st-5th June


Friday 5th June

Friday 5.6.2020

Friday – double to 20

Friday – doubling challenges

Gruffalo character speech bubbles


Thursday 4th June

Thursday 4.6.2020

Colour Study Kadinsky artwork

Kadinsky circles

Thursday – Real-Life-Halves-Presentation

Thursday – what is half



Wednesday 3rd June

Wednesday 3.6.2020

Wednesday – Pirate halving activity

Wednesday – PPT – teaching pirates to be fair

Optional – Circle layers art 

Wednesday – PDF – teaching pirates to be fair



Tuesday 2nd June


Tuesday 2.6.2020

Gruffalo PDF

Gruffalo Description

Tuesday – Maths PowerPoint – share penguins



Monday 1st June

Monday 1.6.2020

Monday Maths – cupcake sheet

Week 6

Phonics for the week 18th- 22nd

Phonics for the Week 18th – 22nd May

Friday 22nd May

Friday 22.5.20

Cake Case Matching


Eid Biscuits

Eid Colouring

Thursday 21st May

Thursday 21.5.20

Estimation- Pencils

Coin drop

Healthy eating help harry do the shopping

Wednesday 20th May

Wednesday 20.5.20

Fruit or Vegetable

Tuesday 19th May

Tuesday 19.5.20

Healthy eating- Eat well plate

Monday 18th May

Monday 18.5.20

Estimation- marbles

Healthy eating – food groups

Week 5

Friday 15th May – Enrichment Day

Some plans and ideas for ‘enrichment day’ – we hope you have lots of fun today!

Week 4 – Friday 15th May

Make 3d – 3 Small Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Role Play Masks

3D Faces Questions Activity Sheet

Parents – 3D Shapes Answers

3D Shapes Properties Table Activity Sheet


Thursday 14th May

Planning and phonics – including pdf dinosaur role play face masks

Phonics Week – 11th May

Week 4 – Thursday 14th May

Dinosaur Role Play Masks

Make 3d – 3 Small Dinosaurs


Wednesday 13th May

Planning and phonics – including pdfs for dinosaur activities

Phonics Week – 11th May

Week 4 – Wednesday 13th May

3D Shape Label Match Activity Sheet

Build a shape dinosaur



Tuesday 12th May

Planning and phonics – including a pdf dinosaur fact file

Phonics Week – 11th May

Week 4 – Tuesday 12th May

Tuesday – Dinosaur Fact File


Monday 11th May

Planning and Phonics for Monday 11th May – including a pdf 3D Shape Word Mat

Week 4 – Monday 11th May

Phonics Week – 11th May

3d Shape Word Mat

Phonics for the week 04.05.2020

Phonics week 4.5.2020


VE DAY – Friday 8.05.2020

VE Day activities 8th May

PowerPoint about VE Day 2020 EYFS

Optional -Simple-WW2-Spitfire-Glider-Activity-Paper-


Thursday 7.05.2020

Thursday 7.5.2020

Where is the Worm? PDF 6th -7th May


Wednesday 6.05.2020


Wednesday 6.5.2020

Where is the Worm PDF 6th -7th May

The Farm Writing Prompt



Tuesday 5.05.2020

Tuesday 5.5.2020

Teddy-prepositions-PDF 4th -5th May

Optional – Farm Animals labelling



Monday 4.05.2020

Monday 4.5.2020

Where is Teddy? Teddy-prepositions-PDF 4th -5th May

Prepositions word mat

Phonics for the week 4.5.2020

Optional – Create Stick Puppets


Week 2 – Summer

Friday 1.5.20

Friday 1.5.20

Super Daisy Story


Thursday 30.4.20

Thursday 30.4.20

Phonics week 27.4.20

PSED- story-dr-dog-ebook


Wednesday 29.4.20

Wednesday 29.4.20

Daily routine PDF

We have recently sent instruction to your child’s email account on how to access the maths programe, Numbots, below is the how to use presentation;

Numbots Presentation


Tuesday 28.4.20

Tuesday 28.4.20

Super Daisy Story

Subtraction-Powerpoint 27.4.20

Phonics week 27.4.20


Monday 27.4.20

Reception planning 27.4.20

Super Daisy Story

Subtraction-Powerpoint 27.4.20

Phonics week 27.4.20


Week 1 – Summer


Phonics week 20.4.20

Optional – Create a lantern

Optional – create a moon and star decoration 

Addition PowerPoint 21.4.2020_24.4.2020

Friday – 24.4.2020



Thursday – 23.4.2020

Addition PowerPoint 21.4.2020_24.4.2020

Phonics week 20.4.20

St George’s day – design your own coat of arms


Wednesday – 22.4.2020

Phonics for the week 20.4.20

Stephen Lawrence -PPT

Tuesday – 21.4.2020

Addition PowerPoint 21.4.2020_24.4.2020

Phonics for the week 20.4.20


Monday – 20.4.2020

Phonics for the week 20.4.20


Week 1

Please can all Reception parents remember to email their class teacher daily to say they have logged on and doing the activities below. There is no time limit to this as long as you email by the end of each day.

Click on the links below and don’t forget to email your teacher and send photos of all the work you have been busy doing. It has been lovely to see all the learning you have been doing at home. Well done to Birch Class in particular who have sent the most updates and photos to us. Oak and Ash we would love to see more photos and updates!


Home learning proforma Friday 27. 3.20 (1)

Phonics week 23.3.20

Photos of The Week


Home learning proforma Thursday 26. 3.20

Phonics week 23.3.20 ( use for the whole week)


Home learning proforma Wednesday 25. 3.20

Phonics week 23.3.20 ( use for the whole week)


Home learning proforma Tuesday 24. 3. 20

Phonics week 23.3.20 ( use for the whole week)


Home-learning-proforma Monday 23.3.20