Hello, my name is Mrs Dunlea and I am the Head Welfare Officer at Prince of Wales. We take great pride in giving your children the best possible care while they are at school. All our support staff are either Paediatric or First Aid trained and I am always on hand to give help and advice to staff as well as parents.
An Individual Health Care Plan is put in place for children with medical needs; please contact the school office or myself if your child takes regular medication or has a course prescribed.
If during the school day your child is hurt or feels unwell, you may receive a yellow bumped-head letter or a green medical information note outlining that they received medical care. A phone call will also be made for a visible or head injury. It is therefore important that we have up to date contact information in case of an emergency.
All children’s medication is kept securely in the Welfare Room, labelled with names, classes and any information needed. All medication given is recorded at the time of administering.


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