Year 6

Information for Parents

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you find the curriculum map interesting as it shows you that your children are being taught all areas of
the curriculum and not practising solely their reading, writing and mathematics in preparation for the SATs
tests in May. Last Friday certificates were awarded to those children who had attained 100% attendance and
we are waiting for the badges to arrive. Attendance is absolutely crucial this term so the children have the
best opportunities to learn. Missed learning time is a key factor in achievement.
The children have all come back to school this term determined to work hard and take advantage of the
many opportunities that are being offered to them. The range of extra targeted support being offered
outside school hours includes various reading groups and mathematics groups which take place 4 mornings a
week at 8am. There is a Homework Club offered after school on Thursday and during Friday lunchtime.
There are also holiday classes available with the next one being during half term. I am very pleased to see
that the majority of children offered these places are coming in enthusiastic, focused and keen to succeed.
The Cinderella project has been well received by the children and they are all busy writing their own versions
of the story and they will share these with the Year 2 classes. Ask your child to tell you their version. This
work will culminate with the pantomime on Monday 27 January and children will be able to choose their own
footwear on that day.
Arithmetic skills have shown a great improvement this term which equips them for the reasoning papers. It is
important that all children have a confident grasp of the basic skills in number. Reading is key to all of their
learning as it is needed in all areas of the curriculum. Please read with your child at home and discuss the
books they have chosen. Doing an Accelerated Reading Quiz soon afterwards acts as a motivator and helps
to track their progress.
All of the teachers in Year 6 work incredibly hard to ensure every child makes the best possible progress. If
you have any queries regarding your child’s progress please contact them and they will be happy to support
you in any way they can.
In the meantime, please keep asking your child about their learning and keep supporting them with their
homework and reading. Please contact me if I can be of any help.

Kind regards,
Julia Clarke
Achievement Leader for Year 6

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