Year 6

Information for Parents

Year 6 pupils have been a credit to this school and have been good role models to the rest of the school exemplifying the school values. There have been a record number of prefects this year and pupil mentors were introduced who have made a positive contribution to the school especially in the supporting of enrichment clubs where their skills of negotiation, encouragement and leadership have been developed.

Parents have supported their children throughout the year attending a number of meetings including SATs, School journey, Welcome to Year 6 assembly, Mathematics Cafés and Class Cafés. The Christmas Café was very well attended and introduced the skills needed for reading and comprehension in Year 6.  This was followed by a Shape Café during which the mathematics curriculum was explained including making nets of shapes.  The final Café will explore ways of learning and enjoying leisure time out of doors.  The parents’ commitment to these café’s has been reflected in the children’s positive approach to homework and their learning out of school.

Year 6 is academically a demanding year and the progress of all the pupils has been regularly monitored throughout the year. Support was put in place to ensure that every pupil had the opportunity to reach their potential and be ready and confident for Secondary School.

  • Revision Classes were held during Christmas, half term and Easter and were targeted at specific pupils so the groups remained small and the teaching fitted the needs of each child.
  • Reading was organised into 8 groups to enable appropriate texts to be chosen to challenge the groups of pupils
  • Mathematics groups were also organised to provide support for pupils who needed to revise their basic arithmetic and needed a more practical approach. An extra challenging mathematics group was held once a week
  • Extra classes were held before school throughout the year for targeted pupils and these groups of about 6 pupils included tables, arithmetic, mathematics, reading, inference, grammar and spellings. These groups changed every half term.
  • Enrichment also provided a good opportunity to target groups of pupils with their spellings, grammar and writing.
  • There were also staff form SLT available throughout the year to support pupils, of all abilities, with extra support

The progress of these groups were analysed every six weeks and the groups were reappraised. In addition to this many pupils took the opportunity to participate in the Curious Maths classes led by Miss Maths.

Both teaching and support staff had their appraisals this year and the teachers have had their mid- year appraisals too. One of the targets is linked to pupil achievement and the identification of focus pupils.

The pupils are clear about the high expectations set for them in terms of good learning behaviours and although there are been some detentions and escorted lunches given this is not a common occurrence.  Once the SATs finished pupils are rewarded with the treat of an ice cream for upholding the school values, being punctual, doing their homework, reading on a regular basis and wearing the correct school uniform. This rewards the pupils as well as maintaining the high standards set which will still be expected in September.

Fifty three pupils set off on the School Journey to Butlins in Skegness this week where they will be encounter new challenges and will deepen the friendships already formed at our school. The pupils not going are involved in some practical D and T projects and will enjoy a day at Lords too.

Once all the pupils are back in school they will continue with their writing ready for the Moderation Visit on June 11. There are also a number of transition visits for the pupils when they will visit their new schools and staff from the secondary schools will talk to the pupils and staff at our school too.  They will continue with the planned curriculum including an enterprise project to raise money for their Leaving Disco, will plan and design their Leavers’ Book and will be practising for their end of term assembly.

The pupils have benefited from the range of enrichment activities this year and also their opportunity to assist some of the staff in leading these activities. The pupils have grown in confidence and self-assurance and are now ready to enjoy the next stage of education at their new schools.


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