Year 4

Dear Parents/Carers,

It probably doesn’t seem that long ago since your child started school and here we are with your child in their last term in Year 4. It should be a memorable term for them.

This year, is the first year, of uninterrupted schooling for our children. We acknowledge that they started with gaps in their learning but they have, and continue to, work hard with commitment and enthusiasm to try to fill those gaps. We have seen lots of progress in reading and mathematics this year.

As you can see from the curriculum map overleaf we continue to provide a broad and interesting curriculum for your children and aim to make them ready and well prepared for Year 5. If you have any questions about what we are learning this term please speak to us and we will gladly help you with your query.

Year 4 also have the Multiplication Check this term. This is a new test for this year. It is a test that will assess their knowledge and fluency of the times tables. We have been working hard this year to practise for this and we know the children will do well.

There will also be many exciting experiences for Year 4 this term. This includes: another parent café (outside this time,) Sports Day and picnic, Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration, as well as our trips to Tate Britain to view David Hockney’s work!

Your child will need support and encouragement over the next few weeks as your child’s wellbeing is key to them being able to perform at their best for the Multiplication Check in June. You can make sure they get enough sleep, engage in physical activities, eat healthily, spend time connecting with nature and hear reassuring words from you. As you know, the staff are always available to talk to you briefly before school starts in the morning and after school.


Kind regards,

All the staff in the Year 4 Team


Times Tables
It is very important that your child can quickly recall their times tables facts to 12×12. All Year 4 pupils have to complete a national, statutory Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) in June. The children are signed up to Times Tables Rock Stars and can access this from any device at home. Children have usernames and passwords and are expected to use TT Rockstars every week to practice their times tables online. Once again please encourage your child to practise their times tables at home.
For more information, read through the slides from the MTC presentation to parents on 29th November 2021: Year 4 presentation for Parents – Multiplication Tables Testing . This includes links to a range of websites to help prepare your child, including
Times Tables Rock Stars: Play (

Keeping in touch
We are pleased that we are able to meet and greet parents/carers at the beginning and end of the school day as we get back to a new ‘normal.’ Thank you to those who joined us for our ‘Meet the Teacher Presentation’. If you missed this – you can view the PowerPoint presentation.

Homework is given out on Thursday and should be returned by the following Wednesday. The weekly spelling test takes place on Thursday.

Punctuality matters
Children need to be in school at 8:40am every day. Being in school at the right time will ensure your child has the time they need to unpack and be ready to learn straightaway.

PE is on Thursday and Friday. From 2nd November, children should only be wearing their school uniform to school and not PE kit. Your child’s PE kit must be brought to school in a bag. This should come to school on the first day PE takes place and return after their second session that week for washing. Alternatively, bring to school on Monday and return home on Friday. The school PE kit consists of black shorts with a plain white top (no slogans or images) and black track suits can be worn when it is cold. Hair needs to be tied back. (White shorts can still be worn until the end of this academic year).

Reading Record books must be signed daily as we expect children to read daily.

Curriculum Maps for Year 4

Year 4 Summer Curriculum Map

Meet The Teacher

Meet the teacher 2021 September