Governing Body

Message from the Chair of Governors – Stephen Way

I am very excited and honoured to have been elected as the Chair of Governors at Prince of Wales.

I am a great believer in the whole team that together allows your children to grow and learn – not just school subjects, but also life skills, tolerance and harmony. As far as I am concerned, the Prince of Wales team is made up of our excellent and dedicated teaching staff and the teaching and administration assistants that support them, The Governors who are there to make sure that the school is doing its best for the children and to ask hard questions on your behalf, you – the parents and carers of our students – who see them day in and day out and can do so much to help support their learning and finally the children themselves who never cease to amaze me with their wonder and capacity to learn.

Our Governors

LA Governors Mr Christopher Horridge
Parent Governors Ms Uchenna Ogurjiofor
Mrs Bhumika Patel
Ms Semhar Tesfagioris

Miss Clare White

Headteacher Mr Jan Bless
Staff Governors Joseph Ferns
Co-opted Governors Mr Stephen Way (Chair) – NLG (National Leader of Governance)
Mr Tim Ennis (Joint Vice-Chair)
Mr Peter King
Ms Laraine Hodgson
 Associate Members Ms Jenny Davis
Miss Emma Elliott

Ms Rachel Knightley

Mrs Jenny Langstaffe
Miss Susan Paddon

Mr Alexander Verrall

All Governors and staff with financial responsibility complete a declaration of business interest forms annually.

The declaration of business interest forms gives staff and Governors the opportunity to declare if they have any private or personal interests in decisions taken by the school regarding financial matters.

All forms are kept securely in the school office. These can be inspected by interested parties upon application to the Governing Body who will decide whether the interested party has a genuine reason to inspect the register.

Governor election

Parent Elections February 2022

Declaration of Eligibility

The Role of the Parent Governor Enfield

The Clerk to the Governing Body

The Director of Education
Civic Centre
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