Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Updated October 2021

Our Curriculum:

Year 1 Curriculum map Spring 22

Autumn is a transitional term in Year 1, where the children have a balance between focused adult led learning and independent choice learning (which we call Choose Our Own Learning; COOL time). The children have been very busy in class, enjoying all the work so far.  You can get a taste of the lessons and learning in the photos below.

Meet the teacher meetings were carried out on Teams this year.  Here is the PowerPoint that was shared on the night:

Meet the teacher 2021

Year 1 children are given a reading book for daily reading at home.  Adults are expected to read with their child every day and sign and date their reading record.  We encourage adults to take the time to talk about the story, pictures or new words in the book and make connections to real life. The reading books will be changed every week.  Children also visit the library where they will be able to choose a library book to read for pleasure.

The children in year 1 take part in daily phonics lessons.  Our programme is called Read Write Inc (RWI) and covers letter recognition, sounds, blending, reading and sentence structure.

Phonics Parents’ Information
PHONICS Parent meeting

In year 1 we encourage children to use concrete objects to count before moving on to writing the numbers.  We have been exploring themes like bigger and smaller and adding.
We have been counting and finding ways to represent numbers in different ways. We matched numbers to the correct pictures and looked for the missing numbers in a sequence. We also used numicon and cubes to find 1 more and one less. We have used paint, numicon, pin boards and outdoor games. 

This term, our English has linked to geography and we have explored stories with different journeys.  The children have enjoyed stories like the Gruffalo and How to find Gold.  We have been using colourful semantics to order and create sentences.
The children have had lots of opportunities in continuous provision to complete work independently.  They have been extending their learning by building castles in Beauty and the Beast, making lego monsters in the gruffalo and making puppets.

We have been learning about our senses in Science. We talked about the body and what body parts we know already. We drew around a friend and labelled as many parts as we could.

We went on a local walk to the school fields to find natural resources to use for our installation. We worked in small groups to create our own installation reflecting the artists we have been studying: Derek Jarman and Andy Goldsworthy. We made a whole class installation reflecting the work of Derek Jarman and Andy Goldsworthy.


This week in year 1 we have been looking at Christian beliefs and how people show gratitude at Harvest time. We looked at things that make our world wonderful and created a collage of a wonderful world. The children created a Harvest festival shopping list. We made thank you cards and sent them to people that we were grateful to.

In geography we have been thinking about the places that we go on holiday and using an atlas which has been a lot of fun.  The children have even used a discovery box to dress up and identify if a holiday destination may be hot or cold.