Year 1

Reading Café

Year 1 had their Reading Café at the start of this week. The children enjoyed applying different strategies to support their understanding of texts: predicting what may happen next; summarising events and describing the features of a character. The teachers modelled how they read stories to young children and shared types of questions to support their comprehension when reading. The year 1 children had a lovely time bonding with their adults over a range of stories in the classroom.

Outdoor learning

Year 1 children have been reading the Owl Babies text in their English lessons. As a stimulus and to support the children with writing a letter from one of the characters, we went to the Wetlands to get an understanding of what it was like amongst the trees. We shared our descriptions of what we could see, hear, feel and touch while we were there.

Here are some of the description the children came up with:
“It is dark in the woods”.
“I can hear the crunching when we walk”.
“The tree trunks are bumpy”.
“I can hear the trees swooshing because the wind is blowing”.

Curriculum Map

Year 1 Curriculum Map Spring 2019