How to support your EAL (English as an additional language) child

At Prince of Wales School we share over 60 languages and celebrate what each of us can bring to our learning environment at school. Over half of our children have a home language in addition to English. We also have number of staff who have English as an additional language who are always willing to support families with English.  In addition, ESOL classes are organised locally which can help parents in the early stages of acquiring English and provide a qualification.

Parental involvement is effective in supporting all children overall. Children progress best if their home language continues to be maintained and developed whilst English is being introduced. Children who are immersed in a rich, engaging language and literacy environment in their early years in their home language are much more likely to transfer their language and literacy to their new language successfully.

You may find the document below helpful in helping your child, especially as more time is being spent at home. There is useful information for parents including a section on making learning fun, the importance of talk, storytelling and reading aloud.  It also covers how you can help with homework using your home language.  You will find that using a home language is not a barrier but can be an asset.

Using home languages to support learning at home