Please click on the links below to download the policies.

Our policies help set the structures for how we work and what our community can expect from us, and what we can expect from them.
Parents/carers who would like a paper copy of any information on our website are asked to contact the school office if they would like a copy of them in paper format.


Policy Due for Review
Attendance Policy Summer 2024
Anti-Bullying Policy Summer 2021
Anti-Bullying Statement No date
Behaviour Policy Autumn 2025
Bereavement Policy Spring 2021
CCTV Privacy Impact Assessment Autumn 2021
Charging Policy November 2023
Child Protection Policy Autumn 2023
Children not picked up from school Autumn 2020
Complaints advice to parents No date
Confirmation Of Safeguarding Checks On Staff Visitors No date
Complaint Procedure Autumn 2021
Data Protection Policy October 2021
Data Protection certificate May 2022
Debt Collection Policy Autumn 2023
Device Loan Agreement No date
Drugs Education Policy July 2022
Equality Policy – Current
Equality Policy – Draft
Summer 2021
Exclusion Policy
Awaiting ratification by Governors
Summer 2024
Health and Safety Policy Summer 2021
Lettings Policy November 2023
FOI Pub scheme November 2022
Online safety policy Spring 2021
Privacy Notice October 2022
PSHE Policy July 2022
Pupil Admission and Induction Policy No date
Parent and carers CODE OF CONDUCT No date
Pow Policy For Dealing With Persistent Or Vexatious Complaints Harassment Spring 2022
Reasonable Force Policy Summer 2021
Safeguarding Policy Autumn 2023
Relationship and Sex Education Policy July 2022
Remote Education Provision – Information for Parents Spring 2022
Remote learning agreements Jan 21 Spring 2022
Remote Learning Policy Summer 2021
Statement of expectation of behaviour No date
Statement regarding safeguarding vetting/DBS checks No date
Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Policy Summer 2021
The Prevent strategy (Pamphlet for parents) No date
Volunteers in school October 2021
Whistleblowing Policy for Schools October 2020 LA will update
GDPR related  
Article 30 Declaration March 2022
Article 35 Data Protection Impact Assessment March 2022