Please click on the links below to download the policies.

All policies are available in school. Please ask at the office if you wish to see other policies.

Policy Review date
Attendance Policy Summer 2021
Anti-Bullying Policy Summer 2021
Anti-Bullying Statement  
Behaviour Policy Summer 2021
CCTV Privacy Impact Assessment Autumn 2020
Charging Policy November 2020
Child Protection Policy Summer 2019
Children not picked up from school Autumn 2020
Complaints advice to parents  
School Complaint Procedure Autumn 2021
Data Protection Policy January 2020
Data Protection certificate May 2020
Debt Collection Policy Autumn 2020
Drugs Education Policy November 2019
Equality Policy Summer 2019
E-safety policy Spring 2020
Exclusion Policy LAC Autumn 2020
Health and Safety Policy Summer 2020
Lettings Policy  
Model publication scheme  
Privacy Notice to pupils  
PSHE Policy January 2020
Pupil Admission and Induction Policy  
Parent and carers CODE OF CONDUCT  
Pow Policy For Dealing With Persistent Or Vexatious Complaints Harassment September 2018
Reasonable Force Policy Summer 2021
Sex and Relationships Policy May 2020
Statement of expectation of behaviour  
Statement regarding safeguarding vetting/DBS checks  
Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Policy  
The Prevent strategy (Pamphlet for parents)  
Volunteers in school October 2021
Whistle blowing policy May 2017
GDPR related  
Prince Of Wales Primary School Privacy Notice  
Article 30 Declaration  
Article 35 Data Protection Impact Assessment