Climate Action

Climate Action at Prince of Wales Primary School

The pupils of Prince of Wales Primary school are global citizens and love our planet. Climate action is taught through the school curriculum and we also support climate action through a range of activities which engage our children and wider community. 

We will learn about climate change through the curriculum.  Here’s an example from year 4 where recycling a simple plastic bag had a wonderful impact on the communities in Gambia.

Children at Prince of Wales have had the opportunity to plant trees at Albany Park, in our school grounds and in Enfield Chase.  Planting trees brings us closer to nature and we feel the benefits of a better environment, cleaner air and diversified habitats.

We have recently had solar panels installed to utilise the sun to power our school.  Our year 5 children learnt how to make wind turbines and we have had sensors placed on our meters to record energy consumption.

We encourage all children to walk, cycle and scoot to school.  Our year 6 children were eloquent in their arguments to reduce car idling to improve air quality.


Councillor Jewell visited our school to help our school community make better choices about recycling.  We participated in the big plastic count and are making changes to how we work by reducing photocopying and gluing of worksheets.


Rectory Farm planting