School Parliament

Our School Council evolved into a School Parliament to reflect our school values and the British Values. Pupils are elected by their peers to represent the views of all pupils and to improve our school. The Parliament meets once every half term in the Conference Room to discuss issues and new ideas. Being a members of the School Parliament is a responsible job with an opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Purpose of the School Parliament

It is about…

  • Working together
  • Learning more about democracy
  • Demonstrating Gold Medal behaviour and attitudes in our community
  • Improving our school for everyone

What will the School Parliament do for our class?

The school parliament’s job is to involve everyone and you need to help by…

  • Finding things you would like to change
  • Finding ways to make things better
  • Putting your ideas into action
  • Talk to your class representative

What will the School Parliament do for our class?

The Parliament will try to make your ideas happen by getting permission, money, support and time.

What will the staff do for the School Parliament?

  • Ensure there is time given in class for feedback from meetings
  • Support class discussions

Members of the School Parliament (MSPs)

3W  Salim and Nisa

3H Ege and Phoebe

3F  Lexi and Aayden

4G Neriah and Ozgur

4F Aras and Ayse

4GI Kezia and Lexi

5T Iqra and Raj

5G Spencer amd Sienna

5R Yavuz and Milena

6C Madison and Joe

6B Tommy ad Aysema

6T Fadhil and Jaida

6TA Olivia and Baris

School Parliament Archive

School Parliament Archive