School Parliament

At Prince of Wales the School Parliament representatives are democratically voted into office by their class.  Each candidate explains to his/her class why they would be a good choice to be their School Parliament representative, before the class participates in a ballot.  This system promotes the British value of democracy.


The School Parliament plays an active role in the life of our school and community.  We raise money, support school events and make improvements to the school community.  We listen to our classmates and bring their opinions to our meetings.  Where necessary we take action and contribute to changes made around school to make things better for everyone.


Due to COVID 19 we are unable to meet but we continue to use our skills to debate in class.


Members of the School Parliament (MSPs)

Chairperson for School Parliament – Zarah (4F)
Class MSP Deputy MSP
2T Havin Rico
2A Mellae Aysema
2Th Annabel Nihal
3S Mia Kimora-Lee
3Fe Vivienne Rhys
3F Jesse Danielle
4M Harley Shane
4R Adam Raed
4F Pearl Nikola
5G Kwasi Elvan
5W Delice Adan
5T Aline-Amour AnnaJoni
6B Harley Jasmine
6T Macy Tylor
6H Amber Cristiano