Outdoor Learning Curriculum

Year 5 – Hinterlands Community project

Over the last two years our current year 5 children have been working with the Canal & River Trust to improve a section of the canal near Enfield Island Village. The children spent time at the canal and worked with a local artist to find creative ways to promote it to the local community. Watch the video below to see the art that has been installed and the work the children produced as a result of the project. The school has now adopted this section.

Outdoor Learning 2020-2021

Outdoor learning is an important and developing part of our school curriculum. Each year group, and every class, incorporates elements of outdoor learning during the course of teaching the curriculum. This outdoor learning gives children the opportunity to learn new practical skills as well as learning different subjects, such as maths, in a new and different manner.

Outdoor learning has been a success for many of our pupils. Last year as part of our Outdoor Learning provision children participated in: Forest school at Lea Valley park, a canal project with the Canal Trust, visited many places in London and our local area (including the wetlands), used the school grounds for science and art lessons and took part in the Enfield in Bloom competition.

Outdoor Learning will continue to develop in the curriculum this year. It will also play an increasingly important role in lessons relating to the changing environment in the local area as well as the wider issue of climate change.

Overall there are four key areas that we believe make Outdoor Learning an important part of our school. There are:

Health: Children become physically, mentally and emotionally healthier.

Positive contribution: Children develop positive relationships, self-confidence and feelings of self-worth.

Enjoy and achieve: Children experience higher levels of engagement that are key to learning

Economic wellbeing: Children develop transferable skills that will benefit them in later life. These skills include communication, independence, and effective working.


This year the school is aiming to:

  • Further develop cross curricular links with Outdoor Learning and other subjects in the curriculum
  • To develop links with agencies which allow children more opportunities to take part in Outdoor Learning
  • To use the school wetlands to further learning opportunities
  • Develop and use with increasing frequency outdoor learning materials.