Teaching and Learning French

School exchanges are becoming a key element for the mutual understanding in a multicultural society.
Throughout this school year, pupils from both KS1 and KS2 are involved in an Erasmus+ partnership with Ecole l’Hermitage, from Pontoise, France. There will be different international activities carried out in cooperation with our partner school, activities that, we believe, will increase our pupils’ confidence in using French.
Together with Ecole L’Hermitage we have agreed on organising an activity to introduce the project partners, as a first step. Introducing partners is an opportunity for active and collaborative learning. As a result, an exchange of letters between the pupils’ of the two partner schools was organised. Our pupils were excited to write their letters and introduce themselves to the pupils of L’Hermitage school, in France. Throughout the project, partners will get more opportunities to get to know each other better.

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Two Year Project with The Netherlands

Every year teachers from Lucasonderwijs in the Netherlands, an educational institute of about 80 schools visit Prince of Wales in February. With one of their schools De Driemaster near The Hague we are undertaking a two year project to share and develop our practices  to support high quality outcomes for our pupils. One common theme is to narrow the vocabulary gap.

Prince of Wales is sharing: Parent Cafes, Outdoor Learning, Cross-Curricular Learning

De Driemaster is sharing: Teach Like a Champion, Rock-Water