We strive to develop a love of science and to broaden the children’s scientific view of the world around them through the processes and strategies of investigation and discovery.

At Prince of Wales, we aim to generate real interest in science and to develop scientific knowledge and investigative skills.  Science is a core subject of the National Curriculum and all pupils are involved in some science activity each week. Pupils are taught essential aspects of scientific knowledge and understanding, processes and methods of science, enabling them to understand the implications of science today and for the future.

Spoken language and collaborative learning is highly valued throughout science lessons, as this not only encourages children to explore scientific vocabulary but also share and develop their ideas with others.  They are encouraged to hypothesise, experiment to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, analyse causes and draw conclusions.

Our school newsletter has a regular feature linked to the science curriculum – Science Corner.  Each week one year group allows us a glimpse of just some of the engaging activities that our children are participating in.

M Blake

Subject Leader – Science