Religious Education

At Prince of Wales we want to help prepare pupils for the real world by helping them to appreciate the strength of religious conviction be it in themselves or others. We believe that RE both supports and strengthens every aspect of school life and this is reflected in the caring ethos and value we place on the identity and development of the whole child.

The ethnic and religious make-up of Prince of Wales School has become more diverse and culturally rich over the years. There are children from the seven religions that are taught at our school – Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Alevism. We aim for pupils to acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of these principle religions and also respect atheist beliefs.

At Prince of Wales we do not believe it is the role of the school or the role of RE education to preach or convert pupils. The faith backgrounds of the pupils, parents and staff are respected at all times. Religious Education ‘allows for an important area of experience – both communal and private – to be explored instead of being ignored or reinterpreted’ (Watson 1993). It is a subject where pupils learn about religion and from religion whilst growing in their own faith.

Pupils will be learning about religions and from religions by developing the following skills: investigation, questioning, reflection, empathy, relating and expression. We encourage open and honest enquiry and aim to provide opportunities so that a reflective approach to learning can be fostered through the following attitudes – an awareness of prejudice, a growing self-understanding and respect for the rights of others to hold beliefs different to their own.

Pupils are encouraged to answer open questions and respond to deeper learning to challenge their thinking. They are also encouraged to pose questions and to offer explanations about the mystery of life itself. To further support teaching and learning pupils may learn from a range of resources including artefacts, video clips, books, LA materials, ICT, visits and visitors. Every year there are planned programmes of visits and visitors to deepen the pupils’ understanding and to promote further interest and questioning.

A leaflet is available for all parents explaining the purposes and content of RE education and answers frequently asked questions. It is available from the office.

The SACRE Scheme of work framework is followed from the Enfield Agreed Syllabus.

Follow the link to view photos of displays in our classrooms, corridors, visits to religious centres and pupil voice.

RE Plan

RE Plan

Parent information

RE Parent information

Autumn Term 2019

Year 3 visited St Peter and Paul Church as part of learning about Christianity and the Nativity in our RE sessions. Father Stephen retold the Nativity story with the help of some excellent readers and actors from Year 3. 

“I learnt about the importance of gold, frankincense and myrrh.” 

“I liked the role play because you have the chance to act as well as learning.”

“Today I learnt that God promised the shepherds in the Nativity a new Messiah.”​

Below are some photos in the corridors and classrooms reflecting RE in our from Reception to Year 6