At Prince of Wales, we believe that Maths is an essential part of everyday life. Learning is, therefore, focused on children securing a strong conceptual understanding of maths and developing the fluency and self-confidence required to apply their mathematical knowledge to creatively solve problems. Through providing opportunities for children to experience real-world problems and uses of maths, children are able to practise applying their mathematical skills and see their value.


Throughout their Maths lessons, students are supported in mastering their mathematical knowledge at all levels of learning. By using a variety of resources, students are provided with the opportunity to explore their understanding and apply this to new situations and learning. Children are also encouraged to talk about their mathematical understanding. This year we have introduced a range of strategies to support mathematical talk and build students understanding of mathematical talk.

In accordance with the statutory requirements of the Maths National Curriculum 2014 for KS1 and KS2, we want children to develop their conceptual understanding, be fluent, reason and be able to solve routine and non – routine problems. To support this, we have invested heavily in manipulatives which enable all children to explore and explain the abstract nature of maths. At Prince of Wales, children first gain a conceptual understanding through the use of practical equipment before representing problems pictorially. The use of manipulatives enables children to gain a secure understanding of maths which can be used to support their use of written methods.


When planning for Maths, we have developed our own medium term plans which follows the Enfield Local Authority guidance for Mathematics. To support children’s application of maths, pupils are taught a range of written and mental methods which build upon their conceptual knowledge and enable children to efficiently calculate using mathematical operations. Please see our calculation policies for further information on how we teach different concepts.

Times Tables Rock Stars

You will have received login details from your child’s class teacher for a new website called times tables rock stars. This is something that we are trialling at Prince of Wales to support your children in learning quick recall of their times tables. Some children will only be doing the times tables set by their teacher as not all year levels need to know up to 12 x 12.

Year 1 – counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
Year 2 – recall 2x, 5x, 10x and 3x and division facts

Year 3 – recall 2x, 5x, 10x, 3x, 4x, 8x and division facts
Year 4, 5 and 6 – recall of all tables up to 12×12 and division facts, students should then be able to use these known facts to solve other questions.

When your child first logs in there is a Gig that they need to play. This will find out which times tables your child already knows really well and which ones they need to learn. The games will then adapt to focus on the facts your child still needs to know.

Maths Games

Maths games don’t have to be computer-based.  There are lots of ways in which you can bring maths to life for your child through simple games and activities.  Whether out shopping, using the context of money to help develop your child’s skills, or helping them to better understand measurement when baking or putting together the new rabbit’s hutch, there’s always an opportunity for a ‘maths moment’!

Board games can be great for developing a child’s maths skills too!  Playing these can be a really powerful way for young children to become comfortable with our number system, spotting patterns and literally playing with numbers. There are many card games that children can play as well to develop their understanding of number.

Printable Times Tables Games

1x table 3 in a row
2x table 3 in a row
3x table 3 in a row
4x table 3 in a row
5x table 3 in a row
6x table 3 in a row
7x table 3 in a row
7x table numberline game
8x table 3 in a row
8x table numberline game
9x table 3 in a row
10x table 3 in a row
11x table 3 in a row
12x table 3 in a row

Supporting Parents with Maths

At Prince of Wales we strongly believe that parents can make a real difference when it comes to supporting our children with maths.

How can parents make a difference?

  • Be positive about maths and show an interest in their maths learning. Asking them to explain their maths at home helps them remember and make sense of new learning. Help provide a quiet space and time for their home learning.
  • Playing maths games at home. Card games and dice games are wonderful way to keep those maths skills going. Monopoly, Uno, dominoes and Ludo are some examples of fun games.
  • Ask for help with homework. If you’re stuck with any homework please phone in to speak to the class teacher or the Maths Team. We’re always happy to explain our teaching methods, we know things have changed over the years! We don’t want any of our children worrying about their maths homework.
  • Join us at our Maths Events at Prince of Wales. As you can see we always like to try new ideas and love working with parents. Although we can’t have you on site we look forward to you joining us online.

Websites for Children

Here is a list of different websites that your children can access to help support them with their maths learning. These websites are a range of games, problem solving, songs, dance and question based activities.

Multiplication Songs

Hit the Button



TT Rockstars

BBC Bitesize

BBC Supermovers

Parent Support Websites

Oxford Owl Maths

The Oxford University Press have developed this site to support parents in helping their children with mathematics. You’ll find lots of advice and support, games and activity ideas for how best to help your child develop as a mathematician. There’s also information on what is taught in primary school maths lessons, and what some of the vocabulary means.

The School Run

This website is aimed at supporting parents by explaining how to do calculations the way they’re taught in school today. You’ll also find guides to what is taught in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 maths, plus easy ways to make maths part of everyday life, and maths games to engage young mathematicians.

Maths on Toast

Maths on Toast is a website aimed at creating a positive outlook on Maths. They look at making maths a creative, enjoyable, human, social activity for families and communities.

Curious Maths

Sara Tilley is an Enfield maths consultant who has developed a YouTube page aimed at supporting parents and teachers in developing their Maths skills.

White Rose Home Learning Videos

This website is great for looking at different ways for students to developing their understanding of key skills. They have developed a range of videos to support home learning.

Calculation Policy

Calculation Policy