Spoken Language at Prince of Wales School

There is a planned and progressive programme in place to develop children’s  language development across the whole curriculum-cognitively, socially and linguistically.  Spoken language underpins the development of reading and writing.  The quality and range of language that children hear and speak is vital for developing their vocabulary and grammar and their understanding for reading and writing.  All staff in the school continually model Standard English.  The model of the mode continuum is used to support children in using the correct register of speech depending on the context in which language will be used.

Children should be able to retell stories from the time they begin school. They should develop an ability to explain their understanding of books and other reading and prepare their ideas, with the support of the teacher, before they write.  They need support in making their thinking clear to themselves as well as to others.  They should also be taught the conventions for discussion and debate.

Drama opportunities are planned every term and provide a range of opportunities for the children to adopt, create and sustain a range of roles e.g. through hot seating, role play, conscience alley.

For children whose first language is not English, these children are supported in their acquisition of English using the step levels.  They are also be encouraged to maintain and develop their home language alongside English so that the process of conceptual development can continue

Foundation stage upwards

Opportunities for role play through exciting environments inside and outside

Ability to learn and recite a story using a storyboard

Year 1 upwards

Circle time using model of Jenny Mosely

Year 3 upwards

P4C lessons at least once a fortnight where children learn to actively listen, discuss and give their own opinions as well as being able to change their opinions

Year 5 upwards

All children participate in training to develop their public speaking skills.  Each child is expected to present a 2 minute speech on a subject of their own choice.  This training also assists with their persuasive writing

Year 6

All children will receive debate training and every child will be given opportunities to participate in debating.  This will support their discursive writing.


All aspects of spoken language form part of the National Curriculum 2014.  They are also reflected and contextualised with the reading and writing curriculum.