The national curriculum for computing has three main areas of focus:

  • Computer Science focusses on the principles of computing and includes coding, algorithms, reasoning and de-bugging
  • Information Technology focusses on using technology for a purpose.
  • Digital Literacy promotes taking responsibility and the safe usage of technology.

Computing lessons are not just stand alone lessons.  We look to integrate Computing lessons into all areas of the curriculum to raise engagement with children and deepen learning.



Every classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard and a Visualiser which are used as an integral part of lessons.  In addition, there are at least 2 additional computers in each class

There is a Computer Suite which each class is timetabled to use every week and a set of ipads is available for children to use in the classroom.  Other resources include cameras, programmable toys and recordable microphones.  Discovery Coding is used to support the teaching of programming.

The school subscribes to several online resources, including Mathletics,, IDL, Accelerated Reader and Purple Mash to support the children’s learning both in school and at home.

We communicate with parents and the wider community through the weekly newsletter, use of the school website, texting and e-mail.