The music curriculum is led and managed by Mrs Redmore, a specialist and experienced music teacher alongside the help, support and great enthusiasm of our staff.

Regular and frequent concerts and performances are held at school to which parents are invited.

Children in all year groups experience one or more of the following during their time at Prince of Wales Primary:

  • Ghanaian Kpanalogo drumming
  • Steel pans
  • Ukulele
  • Recorders

In addition to this, instrumental lessons (piano, keyboard, violin and viola) are taught and available in school. We have a large number of enrichment activities eg Ghanaian Kpanalogo drumming, steel pans, ocarina, and ukulele.

We provide children with exciting opportunities to participate in a number of performances in school as well as large scale concerts outside of school. Visits to concerts are booked and we try to ensure that each year group gets the opportunity to attend a live music concert.

We have a music therapist coming in once a week to work with pupils.

The school also participates in borough music activities such as partnership singing festivals.