Year 6

Information for Parents

January 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you and your families all had an enjoyable Christmas and were able to spend some quality time together. The children have come back to school with a positive attitude and this is essential as this term will be demanding for the children as they prepare for their end of year tests.

Last term we ran some intervention groups before school, after school and during the Christmas holidays to provide extra support for your children.  There was huge focus on arithmetic and the children are making good progress.  If your child is invited to attend one of these groups it is because targeted support will help them to make more progress.  Many parents have asked about tutors and we are now running Curious Mathematics Tuition after school on Thursdays-you will have received information about this from Miss Maths.

A big focus this term is reading which is one of the reasons we held our Reading Café focusing on questioning around a given book. Most of our children are reading every night but the quality of the books they are choosing is not always challenging them.  It is important that the children are reading quality texts so they can increase their reading stamina and enjoyment of literature.  There was a great response to the Summer Reading Challenge with Year 6 participating more than any other year group.  Please encourage your child to go to the library and continue to be involved in their reading.  This is key to their success in reading and writing. 

There will be intervention groups before school again mainly focusing on reading with an arithmetic group too.  There will also be extra classes during half term and during the Easter break.

Attendance at the last Parent Consultations was 99% so let’s make it 100% this time!  It is your opportunity to see your child’s scores from the October and December tests and discuss your child’s progress and targets with the class teacher. Please don’t wait until a Parent Consultation to discuss any concerns you may have-contact the class teacher or me.

I wish you all a happy New Year and looking forward to working with you again this year.

Kind regards,

Julia Clarke

Deputy Headteacher

Year 6 Achievement Leader


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