Foreign languages

Foreign Language (FL) – French

At Prince of Wales Primary, we teach French as our foreign language. Teaching another language fosters an interest in learning other languages, stimulating children’s curiosity. It also enables pupils to understand our multi-lingual and multi- cultural world, providing pupils with a global link to their learning. This is fundamental to our aim of developing responsible global citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

Teaching and Learning

The learning of French begins in Year 2 where pupils are introduced to basic vocabulary through simple role play and songs.
In Years 3- 6, French may be taught by the Class teacher or staff with specialist knowledge.
The Lightbulb Sunderland scheme of work continues to be used for planning. Pupils are taught key vocabulary, how to take part in role plays and how to write simple phrases and sentences. They also learn about the culture and traditions in France and links are made to other French speaking countries. Additional teaching resources are used, including songs and video clips to support the learning.
Bilingual/advanced French speaking pupils are encouraged to share their knowledge during the lessons and to model simple role plays for their peers using the target language.
Links are made to other curriculum areas where appropriate. This is evident in this year’s project on Little Red Riding Hood in which stories have been studied from around the world.

French is promoted throughout the school with displays encouraging interest in the language.

In Year 3, pupils revise how to meet and greet people, learn how to say members of the family, numbers, months and parts of the body.

In Year 4, pupils learn about the different countries in which French is spoken, modes of transport, weather, sports and animals.

In Year 5, the topics include giving directions, types of food, writing descriptions and numbers.

In Year 6, pupils learn how to tell the time, numbers up to 100 and restaurant and café vocabulary

Caroline Frith

Foreign Language Subject Lead