Foreign languages


Our Curriculum in KS2

At Prince of Wales we teach French as a Foreign Language (FL) so that children are given an opportunity to learn another language other than their own. Teaching a FL at this School essentially aims to:
– foster an interest in learning other languages in a fun and enjoyable manner;
– stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about language
– help children develop their awareness of cultural differences in other countries
– develop their speaking and listening skills
– make teaching a foreign language an integral part of the curriculum
making strong links with other subjects.

Research shows that the learning of a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for the pupils. Pupils develop communication and literacy skills; it raises awareness of the multilingual and multicultural world giving children a global/international dimension to their learning. Also, children who already have a native language raise their capacity to learn another language.

Teaching Strategies

– Pupils learn through Oracy, Literacy and Intercultural understanding of the culture of France.


– In Year 3 – this includes children listening and speaking in the target language. They listen and respond to familiar spoken words, phrases or sentences; they communicate with each through roleplay.

– In Year 4 – they listen ad identify words and short phrases. Communicate by asking and answering a wider range of questions; Opportunity given to memorise and present short text.

– In Year 5 – Pupils join in short conversations, enjoy interacting even when they hear unfamiliar language; also pick out some detail from a short spoken passage (e.g. to translate).

– In Year 6 – this includes pupils listening to and understanding the main points from a short spoken passage. They can give a presentation in a clear audible voice.


– In Year 3 – Pupils recognise and understand some familiar words and phrases; write simple words and phrases.
– In Year 4 – Pupils should be reading and understanding familiar written phrases; reading aloud and write some familiar phrases/sentences.
– In Year 5 – Read and understand some of the main points from a text.
– In year 6 – Pupils should be able to read aloud with confidence and enjoyment. Read and understand the main points from a short written text/passage.

Scheme of Work

The Lightbulb Sunderland scheme of work continues to be used for planning. Additional teaching resources are used, including songs and video clips from Espresso and other websites.
Bilingual/advanced French speaking pupils are encouraged to share their knowledge during the lessons; and are encouraged to model simple role plays for their peers using the target language.

Overview Planning

Medium Term FL PLAN Yr 2
Medium Term FL PLANN Yr 3
Medium Term FL Plan Yr 4
Medium Term FL Plan Yr 5 updated
Medium Term FL Plan Yr 6

Children’s Work

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FL Policy

FL Policy

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Jennifer Gilfillian

FL Leader