School clubs

Club Day Time Member of staff leading club Room/area to be used Year group club is for Any cost
Breakfast Mon-Fri 7:30-8:30am Mrs Dunlea and team Dining Room R-6 £3 per session
Library KS1 Mons, Tues and Weds Lunchtime


Miss Little KS1 Library 1,2 and 3 No
Library KS2 Wednesdays Lunchtime 12.50-1.20pm Miss Dunlea KS2 Library 4,5 and 6 No
Recorders Wednesdays 12.50-1.20pm Mrs Redmore


Music Room 5 and 6 No
Steel Pans Mondays 12:4O – 1:20pm Mrs Redmore Portakabin 1 Year 5 No
Junior Choir Mondays 12:20 -12:50pm Mrs Redmore Music Room 2 and 3 No
Ocarina Tuesdays 12.20-50pm Ms Gleasure Music Room Year 3 No
Saz Wednesdays After school Organised by Ms Kurt Music room Years 3-6 Yes
Dance Tuesdays Lunchtime Eleanor Square Hall KS1 and KS2 No
Lunch football Tuesdays and Thursdays Lunchtime


Jack and Jefferson Field or playground 4 on Tues 5/6 on Thurs No
Basketball Wednesdays Lunchtime Sports coaches Field or playground Year 3 No
Football Squad Thurs 3:10-4:20pm Mr Taylor, Mr Ferns and Ultra-Sport Field 5 & 6 No
Netball Fri 3:20-4:20pm Mrs Milsom & Miss Capaldi Playground 6 No
Skipping Everyday Lunchtime Mr Whitehorn Playground 5 and 6 No
Chill Out Tues-Thurs


Lunchtimes Tues 4 and Wed 5.-Mrs Shivnani and Thurs. Mrs Rees 6 Chill Out Room Portakabin 4 4,5,6, No
Eco Club Mondays Lunchtime Mrs Aksu Orchard/3H 3 No
Yoga Fridays 12.20-12.50 Mrs Dhillon and Mrs Shivnani Square Hall 4-6 No
Homework Wednesday 12.20-12.50 Mrs Aksu Class 3H 3 No
Homework Thursdays 12.50-1.20pm Mrs Shivnani Year 5 room 5 No
French Fridays 12.50-1.20pm Mrs Beeharry Year 5 Group Rm Y5 No
School Parliament Every 2 weeks-Mon 12.20-12.50pm Miss Clarke Portakabin 3 Years 3-6 No
Gardening Tuesdays 12.50-1.20pm Miss Homer and Mr Fairhurst Outdoors Years 4,6-8 children No
Lego Tuesdays 12.50-1.20pm Mrs Tatsan STEM Room Years 4-6 no
Cycling Club Fridays 2.30pm Mrs Redmore and Mrs Rees Playground and local area Focus year 6 No
Debating Club Fridays 12.50-1.15pm Mrs Gilfillian Conference Room Years 5 and 6 No
Computing Thursdays Lunchtime Mrs Beeharry Computing Room Year 5 No