History and Geography Curriculum

Geography Lesson Year 2

Lesson Observation in Year 2

Teacher- Josh Taylor

Lesson Objective- I can identify the equator and use it to locate hot and cold places in the World.

This lesson was observed by the Geography Coordinator and a member of SLT.

The lesson began by the pupils using items from a story box and discussing how these might be used.

The items were either suitable for use in a hot or cold climate and a lot of interesting ideas were discussed by the pupils. They also referred back to previous learning about Brazil.

In the second part of the lesson, pupils looked at a map on the IWB and they were able to see the location and pattern for the location of hot, warm and cold countries.

 In the final part of the lesson, the South Pole, Equator and North Pole were marked out in the classroom. Pupils acted out how they would feel in each location.

This was a very interactive, well planned and enjoyable lesson for Year 1 pupils in which they developed their learning and were introduced to new technical vocabulary.