Year 3 photos

Outdoor Learning in the curriculum

In Year 3 this year we have taken part in outdoor learning to enhance our experience of the National Curriculum. We’ve been on various trips and used opportunities outside to learn.

In science, Year 3 went to the local wetlands to look at how the environment changes over the course of a year. This included investigating plants and identifying animals at the wetlands.

In PHSE, a group of children spent several weeks going to Lea Valley to develop their outdoor learning skills. They learnt how to make shelters, built fires and how to work cooperatively.

In geography, we walked around our local area. The class made notes on landmarks that were important and when we got back to class they were challenged to draw their own map of the local area.

In English, we have been doing a lot of role play activities from fiction texts. Children go outside working groups and role-playing scenes from a book. This helps them when they come to write in their English books.