Parent Sessions

Turkish Parent Seminar

Sayın Veli,

Londra Büyükelçiliği Eğitim Müşavirliği rehber öğretmeni Gülay ÖZTÜRK tarafından ailelere yönelik “Etkili İletişim Becerileri” konusunda seminer düzenlenecektir. Türkçe verilecek olan bu veli semineriyle ilgili detaylar aşağıda sunulmuştur.

Seminerin Konusu ve İçeriği: Etkili İletişim Becerileri:  İletişimin tanımı, etkili iletişimin yararları, iletişim engelleri, doğru dinleme becerileri, kendimizi ifade etme, çocuklarla daha iyi iletişim kurmanın ve onları doğru şekilde dinlemenin yolları.
Tarih: 14 Haziran 2019
Saat:  08.30 – 10.00  (Seminer saat 09.00’da başlayacaktır)
Yer:   Prince of Wales Primary School – Community Room



Turkish Parents Café

We had another successful parent meeting with our Turkish parents where we discussed Enrichment, children’s learning levels, communication between parents and teachers and possible ideas for new enrichment sessions with parents involved.

Next meeting 24th May at 8:40am all welcome.

Parents Paediatric First Aid Course

We are currently running our 3rd Parent Paediatric course. The course is accredited and gives you a life skill with qualification once you complete the 6 week course and pass the exam.

April 29th
May 13th
May 20th
June 3rd
June 10th
June 17th

Please go to the school office to register a place.

Parent and Children Cafes

Cafes will be starting for the summer term this terms subject is Outdoor Learning.
Cafes will be in the new Tents that have recently appeared on the school field. Look out for your child class and dates. Come along and join in the fun whilst spending time with your children.
3R – 23rd May
1T- 5TH June
2Th – 11th June
5H -18TH June
6L – 24TH June
4G – 9THJuly
3F – 24th May
1K – 6th June
2A- 13th June
5Ha – 19th June
6W – 25th June
4R – 10thJuly
3T – TBC
1Ti – 7th June
2T – 14TH June
5T – 20th June
6B – 26th June
4F –11th July