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Return to Employment Coffee Morning

7th February
8:45 community room come along and meet Maria for more details.

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Open every Friday Morning 8:30 – 9:15 please come in via the breakfast club entrance.

Paediatric first Aid Classes

Monday 16th March

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Parents Café

They are a fun and educational way to learn side by side with your child. Cafés help encourage learning at home and at school. Children love to prepare and invite their parents along to celebrate their hard work.

Cafés are held across the school from reception to year 6 every half term. All cafés have a learning objective and will focus on a particular subject for that term. Most of our Cafes take place in the classroom which gives the parents a chance to experience the child’s working environment.

The preparation for a Café is fun for all the children, it starts with their own creation for an invitation asking that special person to come along and join them for an hour in class. We always try to have our cafés in the morning straight after registration and they last between 60 to 90 minutes.

Cafés are a relaxed way to introduce parents to schools style of teaching. Parents that come along always gain some new knowledge and confidence to be able to support their child with general development. These cafés also give parents a chance to get to know staff better. This has also helped build a network of parents who can support each other. Cafés also encourage more fathers to come along and get involved with their child’s learning.

Cafes held so far

Thank you to all parents who have been able to attend one or more of your children’s Cafés.

The responses have been fantastic and the children really enjoy having you in their lessons.

We understand your all very busy and really appreciate your time.

New dates will be updated each term. We look forward to seeing you next time.

Please see the attached link to some of our Cafés so far.
Prince of Wales Café From Reception to Year 6

New parents and children

This café was a chance for parents of new children to meet key members of staff and other parents. Some parents were new to the area so it was a chance for them to build relationships and not feel isolated in a new community.

Parent / child quotes:

“It was nice to see so many new faces and meet other new parents”

“Nice idea, never been to a school where this has happened before”


These cafes focus on the importance of reading and ways to support your child with reading. They have good ideas of when and where to read, something that can sometimes seem more of a task then a time of relaxing and enjoyment.

Parent and child quotes:

“Loved the choice of book and the activity was great.”

“Making a memory box was a nice idea to go with the story”

Outdoor learning

These cafes focused on many different things including being creative outdoors and children’s mental health and attitudes to being outside. There was a variety of activities all held out on the field using recycled and natural materials. Children made models and maps of the local area whilst older children made wind powered mobiles and garden features.

Parent and child quotes:

“I like the idea of activities outside it was good to see children enjoying the open air”

“Lovely to see the ideas children have when given these opportunities.”

Arithmetic café

These cafes help with all aspects of numbers. There are always many variations of how to support your child in an area many find a challenge.  The children love these cafes as it’s their chance to teach mums and dads new mathematical strategies.

Parent / child quotes:

“Can’t believe the different ways to do things now. This has shown me new ideas”

“Loved the chunking method!”

Christmas decorations Café

Children had a Christmas story and then made Christmas decorations that had relevance to the story. These are always popular cafes.

Parent / child quotes:

“Lovely story and enjoyed making the star”

I liked being with mummy and I liked how she helped me”

Sewing café

Sewing café shows off the children’s creative side and the new skill of sewing the children enjoyed making puppets which led to a puppet show at the end.

Parent / child quotes

“This was good practise for my son’s fine motor skills.

“Very happy to see my child learning a new skill

Handwriting café

Handwriting café discussed with parents and children why we teach Cursive writing. They had a chance to practise letter formation, handwriting patterns and see a range of handwriting tools.

They also had a look at the Nelson handwriting book, which the children were working from.

Parents were given a bookmark with tips and ideas to support handwriting at home.

Parent / child quotes:

“Really enjoyed this café, loved using the quills”

“Handwriting was fun with my mum”

YR 6 preparation for SATs:

Children used a SATs answer booklet as an invitation and parents came along to see what was expected from their child. They also learn ways to support them at this important stage of their educational journey. We had a large turnout for these cafés.

Parent / child quotes:

“I enjoyed having my Auntie see me work.”

“This was very helpful, it will help me to know how to prepare my daughter for the SATs.”

“So happy I was able to attend this, it will enable me to help my daughter with her studies.”