Report Bullying

We, at the Prince of Wales School believe that bullying is wrong and we will not tolerate anyone being bullied in our school.

What is bullying?

Bullying is any deliberate and repeated action, words or behaviour which hurts someone else.
It is making people feel unhappy because of their ability, accent, age, appearance, choices, clothes, disability, hard work, name, race, religion, gender or family.

There are many types of bullying;
• Calling someone names
• Leaving someone out
• Pushing, kicking or punching
• Saying unkind things about someone’s religion, gender, family, friends, race, size, clothes, accent, ability, disability
• Threatening or frightening someone
• Taking or damaging someone’s belongings

What do you do if you are being bullied?

If you know someone is being bullied, help them to do these things; 
1. Tell the bully to stop and say that you don’t like it.
2. Get support and help. Tell an adult or a school prefect or a friend. Keep telling them if it carries on.
3. Keep telling an adult until it stops.

All reports of bullying will be treated seriously. Staff at Prince of Wales School will speak to the bully and their victim.
Parents will be involved in serious cases.
Repeated bullying could lead to exclusion.
Bullying will be dealt with at our school.

Don’t be quiet, tell an adult and get bullying stopped!

Parents, please use the form below to inform us of bullying concerns.
When submitted, the form will automatically be sent to the school office and then forwarded to the class teacher and achievement leader who will follow this up.

In order for us to follow up, please ensure we have the victim’s details as well as your name.
All information will be treated confidentially.

At Prince of Wales we say NO to bullying